I developed my expertise in color and design hands-on as a journey-level painter and decorative artist.  

Two decades of choice making and application of colors and materials in a diverse range of built environments gave me invaluable experience in seeing little chips manifest into whole rooms, small and large spaces, and exterior facades. 

I saw other designers push colors that were " in" but uncomfortable to the client, and witnessed the anxiety and disappointment in last minute selections, as well as the stress of decision making around what sometimes seemed to be irreconcilable aesthetic differences.

I began to work with people over twenty years ago in making color choices and design plans that really worked for them.   At times harmonizing divergent tastes, and sometimes solving dilemmas of architecture or existing materials- while always reflecting my client's personal style with skill, efficiency and satisfaction.

I look forward to speaking with you about working together to create a color palette and design plan that brings to life your personal dream of Home.  Or making ideal work spaces in a professional yet unique manner.


510 655-4815